2/06/07 Read Graham's account of the arrival
27/05/07 Graham arrives back in UK
Graham flew back into UK yesterday (26/05/07). With the owners consent he intends to ship The Puffin back and display her at the Hendon rowing museum. The original plan to display her in Antiqua were shelved as the facility would not have been completed for another year during which time the Puffin would have been left out in the open. Graham sounds and looks in great shape and was planning a celebratory curry night on Sunday.
15/05/07 Arranging tow for the Puffin
Graham it seems has become something of a celebrity in St Barts, yes he landed in St Barts not as he thought St Martins, He is currently trying to organize towing the Puffin to Antiqua where she is to go on permanent display. Graham would like to thank all of his sponsors, supporters and helpers, please visit the
Sponsers page. Also there are some of the very latest photo's in the picture gallery.
13/05/07 Landed St Martins
14.30 local time 19.30 GMT Graham finally rowed ashore at a beach in St Martins. Since then a welcome committee has turned out and towed him into the nearest port.
Graham will be sending me some pictures and his personal report shortly.
11/05/07 Missed Antiqua
Graham had to acknowledge that due to his being to far north he was not going to make Antiqua. He was making strenuous efforts to get into Barbuda but despite being in sight of land has missed that also. His plan now is to attempt landfall at St Christopher or Anquilla within the next 2 days. Meanwhile he plans to write a book based on the Puffin and is appealing for anybody involved in her construction to offer him assistance. Please make contact through this web site.
Position 17 51 03N 061 49 90W.

Struggling to maintain course

Graham is still fighting the current which is sweeping him north.
Position 18 50 38N 060 14 97W
6/05/07 Being driven north
Graham reports that he is being driven north once more by the equatorial current. He is having to row very hard to maintain his course.
Position 08 09 44N 059 21 71W
4/05/07 On the last run in.
Weather OK with 10 knots of wind driving him along nicely. ETA still this coming Friday. Graham reports one strange thing, the pilot fish which have been his constant companions all these weeks have suddenly disappeared?
Position 17 56 37N 058 22 54W.
2/05/07 Journey nearly over after 89 days at sea
There are now growing signs of civilization. Graham has spotted frigate birds which are flying out from their land base to feed, also vapor trails of jet airliners on their way into the West Indies. New ETA Friday week.
Position 18 14 83W 057 08 52W.
30\04\07 Going like a train
Graham is in high spirits. The ocean current alone is moving him along at 1.5 knots on top of that the wind speed and his rowing speed. The sea state has built up with the increase in wind, Gras' breakfast was washed straight of the plate into the bilges this morning. New ETA Thursday week.
Position 18 50 95N 055 52 28W.
28/04/07 Trade winds return
Graham reports that wind and ocean current have returned to the norm and he is back on track to make Antiqua, eta approximately 2 weeks.
Position 19 09 19W 054 24 03W
26/04/07 Wind more favorable
The wind has swung around to ESE and as a consequence Graham can start to work his way southward back on to his intended course . He swam under the Puffin looking for the source of his latest leak, he found nothing but has now become deaf in one ear, he will get it cleared on his arrival.
Position 20 10 79N 053 26 21W.
24/04/07 Can not get back on track
The same problem continues to dominate Grahams conversation. There is now no wind at all but the ocean current still pushes him further north.
Position 20 45 62N 052 44 17W.
22/04/07 Still to far north
The wind has swung around to SSE which is not as bad as the previous direction, but Graham still faces the difficult task of getting himself much further south if he is going to make Antigua. The wind and ocean current are not following their normal courses for this time of year. Graham also reports a minor leak of half a gallon a day.
Position 20 35 06N 051 48 80W.
Difficulty in holding course
The wind and ocean current are both now taking Graham way of his intended course. At the moment he is 80 miles to far to the north. If the present conditions persist for another week Graham has some doubts as to whether he can reach his destination.
Position 20 17 51N 051 35 15W
18/04/07 Blown of course
The wind is once again blowing Graham of course. At the moment he is 40 miles to far to the north, if the wind continues in the same direction tomorrow he will have no choice but to deploy his sea anchor.
Position 19 40 00N 050 54 99W.
16/04/07 Calm conditions prevail
The calm weather conditions remain with a wind of only 2 knots. Whilst it remains calm Graham has been doing some boat maintenance. The floor has been fastened down after the repairs to the water maker and the tiller line problem has been rectified.
Position 185866N 0501851W.
14/04/07 Tiller lines seized up

Graham continues to make good progress but reports a minor problem with his tiller lines which have seized up. He is getting around the problem by operating them by hand.
Position 190296N 0492993W.

12/04/07 On target for 3 weeks arrival

The leak has been repaired and the wind and sea state remain calm and favorable. With 5 knots of wind and 1 knot sea current Graham's ETA prediction remains good. That means 3 weeks to go. All of your good wishes have been passed on.
Position190279N 0482921W.

10/04/07 Attending to leak
Graham reports perfect conditions. He has a 6 knot wind and an ocean current of almost 1 knot. The sea state is very flat and calm. He has however developed a leak of approx 2 gallons a day which he is anxious to sort out less its worsens. He is sure the problem is the intake to the water maker and the repair involves lifting up some decking. He will carry out repairs immediately whilst he has a calm sea.
Position 191437N 0470443W.

8/04/07 Moving again
With a favorable wind of 10 knots and the ocean current flowing with him Graham is once again moving strongly toward his destination. After 65 days at sea he now predicts landfall in 4 weeks time.
Position 192428N 0454478W.

3/04/07 No wind and an adverse tidal drift
Graham reports flat calm conditions and an adverse tidal drift.The eastward movement of water is very unusual and is sending Graham backwards. The wind though light is also not in his favor. All he can do is keep rowing and hope for a return of the norm.
Position 194266N 0441945W.

31/03/07 Unfavorable wind direction continues
The wind has now swung around to a southerly direction and is blowing Graham to the north of his intended course. All he can do is deploy his 4 meter parachute to stop his northward drift, which means his only movement westward is a half knot of tidal drift.
Position 204572N 0432805W.

29/03/07 Unfavorable winds

Graham reports calm conditions with a 2 meter swell. The wind however has swung around to a south easterly direction which is not favorable to Grahams course.
Position 204296N 0424333W.

27/03/07 Whales for company

Graham was kept company last night by a pod of whales. Mostly 6 meters long they were making a lot of noise and swimming around under the Puffin leaving long trails of fluorescence in the dark water.
Position 201918N 0414530W.

25/03/07 Attending to trench foot.

The weather has calmed considerably, Graham reports that the waves are only 3 meters high. His biggest problem now is a very sore bottom and trench foot from weeks of constantly being drenched with sea water. He is rooting around his lockers looking for his medication.
Position 205357N 0410067W.

21/03/07 Conditions Better, repairs underway
Graham reports that conditions have improved and he has been able to begin some much needed repairs. He has been taking in some serious amounts of seawater he believes through the cabin roof and the various hatches, and that is where he is concentrating his efforts. He has also confirmed that he is half way across.
Position 210803N 0383823W.
19/03/07 Violent Squalls
Graham is being hit by violent squalls with winds of over 30 knots together with an 8 meter swell. With waves constantly sweeping over Puffin, Graham reports that the pumps are going non stop to keep the bilges clear. He is not quite at the half way stage yet but should be within the next day or so.
Position 211898N 0373158W.

17/03/07 Strong winds but more confidence.
Graham reports that the wind strength and sea state are severe but with his growing appreciation of the Puffins qualities he is feeling ever more confident. Today he was caught broadside on by a big wave but he moved instinctively toward the windward oar rack and the Puffin rode it out without a problem.
Position 212936N 0363052W.

15/03/07 Approaching the half way mark

The wind has slackened of to 15 knots but the sea remains lumpy and for the first time this crossing it has started to rain. Graham estimates that by Sunday or Monday he will be exactly half way across. He is learning more about the boat and is rowing her better and feeling more confident.
Position 214005N 0353382W.

13/03/07 More heavy weather
The barometer has dropped another 5 points and Graham is in the middle of some very heavy weather with strong winds and an eight meter swell. He is getting pretty bruised with all the violent pitching.
Position 214418N 0342034W.

11/03/07 Strong winds return
Strong winds and heavy seas are once again the order of the day. As Graham sat down to his evening meal a large wave broke over the Puffin and swept his meal straight of the plate and into the bilge.
Position 214096N 0330804W.

9/03/07 Wind easing and sea calming
Graham was unable to make his normal 2 day call due to the battery levels on his sat phone, he should be able to charge them when he has a clear spell of sunshine. He reports the wind has eased considerably and the sea also has flattened out to a 2 meter swell. He has been able to carry out the repair to his solar panel frame which is now secured, he hopes to secure it better still when he has a flat calm. He has been playing host to another storm petrel which has rested overnight on the Puffin. He spotted his first ship of the voyage a cable layer which was some 4 miles away.
Position 214334N 0315208W.

6/03/07 Scary moment in heavy seas
Graham reports that the barometer has dropped 5 points and he is in the middle of some very rough conditions. At one point he was caught unawares by an eight meter wave which hit him broadside on and drove the Puffin underwater. Graham was pinned to the oar rack as he desperately tried to close the hatch. Fortunately the Puffin rode it out but not without shipping a lot of water. Some of the electrics were flooded and had to dry out before they would function again.
Position 213761N 0301185W.

4/03/07 Its raining fish
The sea is still to rough to carry out the repairs to the solar panel frame, although he has been able to catch up on some of the jobs which need doing. He is continuing to make good progress especially now the boat is getting lighter. He has encountered his first shoal of flying fish which landed all around the Puffin and on Graham.
Position 214667N 0285913W.

2/03/07 Making good speed
Graham still has 15 knots of wind so has not been able to carry out repairs yet. He does however report the conditions as being very favorable to good boat speed and is covering a very respectable distance each day. He has been using the water from the ballast tank and is finding the boat easier to handle as a consequence.
Position 221249N 0275671W.

28/202/07 Sea still rough
With the wind is still blowing 15 knots and a 4 meter swell running it is still too rough for Graham to carry out repairs. There was one large wave which caught him beam on and flooded his side locker. Now all his food is floating around in sea water, he said he was going to bail her out in the morning.
Position 223645N 0265545W.

26/02/07 Drenched making breakfast
The day started badly for Graham when a large wave broke over the Puffin and extinguished the cooker. It was over an hour before it dried out enough to function correctly. During the day the wind has eased but the seas remain very lumpy, Graham is hopeful that he will shortly be in a position to carry out the much needed repairs.
Position 231630N 0260344W.

24/02/07 Weather worsening again

The hoped for break in the weather has failed to materialize, instead he has strong winds and 6 meter waves. The wind direction also is not favorable to Grahams course and he is struggling to control the boat.
Position 232124N 0250824W.

22/02/07 Preparing for repairs
The wind has eased but the sea is still not calm enough for Graham to effect repairs. He has however discovered the cause of the creaking. The framework upon which his solar panels are mounted has worked itself loose. His intension is to clamp the frame down and then hold it firm against the deck with a Spanish windlass.
Position 233285N 0240988W.

20/02/07 Weather lifting
Graham reports the wind easing and the seas calming. He is now preparing to make some repairs, chiefly the creaking from the aft cabin. He also reports a very sore bottom from having to sit in sea water soaked clothing for several days. Position 234492N 0230918W.
18/02/07 Heavy weather continues
Strong winds and big seas continue to dominate Grahams reports. On the plus side he is being driven along at speed and making good progress. On the negative side The Puffin is beginning to complain, Graham reports a creaking from the aft cabin. He is waiting for some calm weather so he can investigate. Position 240261N 0220019W.(All of the good wishes I have received have been passed on to Graham and were much appreciated).

16/02/07 In the middle of another storm

Graham is in the middle of yet another storm. He reports 25 to 30 knot winds and heavy seas. He has been kept company two nights running by a couple of storm petrels who have been using The Puffin as overnight accommodation. Having rested they have now continued on there journey.
Position 242230N 0205177W

245406N 0195820W
12/02/07 Weather beginning to lift
After 4 days without seeing the sun Graham reports that the skies are clearing and the sea is settling. He was alarmed today by a scratching sound on the side of the boat, upon investigation he discovered a large turtle rubbing itself against The Puffin.
Position 253934N 0191961W.

10/02/07 A day of heavy weather

Graham has had another day of strong winds and heavy seas. With the conditions being to bad for rowing he deployed a drogue to hold him head to wind. Unfortunately the line failed and the drogue was lost, although he carries spares the loss was a blow to him. Position 262875 N 0182865W.

8/02/07 Repairs carried out and going strong
The bilge pump broken when Graham fell against it has been repaired and he has had a good day of rowing. Position 271103N 018527W . Picture taken from the yacht "Cora" in the picture gallery.

6/2/07 Stormy Seas

In stark contrast to Grahams last report, today brought strong winds and heavy seas. The wind direction unfortunately was against him so he spent much of the day with his sea anchor deployed trying to prevent himself being blown back towards La Gomera. As he was preparing his evening meal a giant wave broke across the Puffin and sent Graham reeling into the cabin where he fell against the control panel knocking out 2 circuits and breaking the bilge pump. See pictures of Grahams departure in the Picture Gallery section.

  4/2/07 A day of flat calm

Graham reports flat calm conditions. "Dragging a pile of bricks through wet concrete" was his description. Position 274807N 0172181W. El Hierro just coming into view.

3/2/07 He's on his way

After weeks of frustration and with the prospect of a further delay of several days, Graham stumped up the 6,000 euros in cash in order to get started on his crossing. He departed at 9.30am 3rd of February. When he rang me at 6.00pm he was settling down to a meal of bacon and beans washed down with a glass of wine after a hard day battling a 2 knot head wind.

31/1/07 Further difficulties with officialdom delays departure until Monday

Graham has a letter from his bank promising 6,000 euros which the Spanish authorities demand before release of the Puffin. The letter will be made valid in four days. Meanwhile Graham has to travel to the harbour master in Santa Cruz which is a journey of 100 kilometers to obtain permission to leave harbour in La Gomera. All this has delayed his departure un till next Monday when Graham hopes to finally start his crossing.

28/1/07 Graham prepares for a Wednesday departure

Graham reports he has complied with all demands made upon him in order to secure a release of The Puffin. The authorities however have reversed their earlier decision and are demanding a bond of 6,000 euros. Graham will have to appear in court later in the year to face a charge of leaving harbour without notifying the harbormaster and is likely to be fined 1,000 euros. Meanwhile Graham is hoping to depart La Gomera and start his crossing on Wednesday.

8/1/07 Struggling to comply with conditions layed down by the authorities.
The Spanish coastguard although no longer demanding a 30,000 euro bail have instead made a long list of equipment and documentation demands before they are prepared to release the Puffin. They have however allowed Graham to repair the damaged rudder following the high speed tow by the coastguard vessel.

24/12/06 Legal wrangle sets in

The Puffin remains impounded whilst Graham tries to negotiate with intransigent authorities. Two other boats were also impounded on the same day and face a similar predicament. The Russian oarsman having had his boat impounded for a second time has given up and gone home. The fourth boat to leave on Wednesday was to far out for the coast guard to catch and is making its way across the Atlantic.

21/12/06 Drama at sea
16/12/06 Further delays due to heavy weather

Graham and four other boats are all held up due to the continuing bad weather. One of the boats crewed by a Russian oarsman set out on Friday and was towed back in against his will by the local authorities and is now involved in wrangle over payment. New departure date Tuesday 19/12/06.

11/12/06 Bad weather delays departure
Graham rang today and reported that he and the Puffin are primed and ready to go. Unfortunately the weather is blowing at gale force so the the departure is delayed until Thursday or Friday

28/11/06 Graham prepares for his next attempt.

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