This is a story of an attempt b Graham Walters of Leicester to cross the Atlantic Ocean single handed in a 40 year old rowing boat.  The boat is called the ‘Puffin’, and was designed specially for David Johnston and John Hoare who were attempting to row the Atlantic back in 1966.  The story becomes tragic as both men, Johnston and Hoare lost their lives during the voyage. Months later the puffin was found by accident and retrieved, it then lay in a museum of old craft. Until that is Graham Walters visited the museum and together with Ken Crutchlow decided the unfinished Atlantic crossing needed completing! He is attempting to start the voyage 40 years to the day after Johnston and Hoare set out in January 1966. This site includes brief snippets about Johnston and Hoare curtesy of Merton Naylor's excellent book 'The Pennance Way', also the story behind Graham Walter.s. He has a remarkable history of 3 successful rowing trips across the Atlantic, and his fourth, some may call mad attempt, to row 3,000 miles across the Ocean in this ill fated craft. Graham wishes to keep the puffin the same as it was for the ill fated trip but with some added extra safety features.  See the pictures in the gallery section. ‘Stop press’ will contain all the updated news of the voyage which is due to begin in January 2006. The site contains a gallery where you can see the craft before the first voyage, the condition of the Puffin when it was found together with pictures drawn by Johnston and Hoare inside the cabin. We hope you enjoy this site, and keep revisiting to get updated news on the voyage.